40th Anniversary Panel

At the 40th Anniversary Gala at
TUFH 2019 in Darwin Australia


John Hamilton

Moderator of the 40th Anniversary Panel

Professor Emeritus at Newcastle University, Australia, following 50 years of leadership
roles in Network: TUFH schools, starting as chair of curriculum and student selection committees at McMaster from 1969.  Founding chair of the Australian Medical Council Accreditation Committee.


William P. Burdick

Co-moderator of the 40th Anniversary Panel

Board Member of The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH)
Vice President for Education at FAIMER, and co-founder of the FAIMER Institute.


Art Kaufman

Chair of the 40th Anniversary Committee

Past Secretary General of The Network: TUFH.  Professor & Vice Chancellor at the University of New Mexico.


Aricia De Kempeneer

Program Coordinator for The Network: TUFH.

Co-founder and 1st official President of the revived Student Network Organization.


Jan De Maeseneer

Immediate Past Secretary General and Board Member of The Network: TUFH.

Former Head of the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care at Ghent University.


Geraldine Beaujean

Board Member of The Network: TUFH. Director of School of Health Professions Education (SHE)

Collaborates at the Medical Faculty of Maastricht University, the international collaboration office of SHE.


Titi Savriti

Associate Professor in Medical Education at the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

President of South East Asia Regional Association for Medical Education and Member of Executive Council World Federation of Medical Education.