Jules Iradukunda

Jules Iradukunda earned his medical degree from the University of Rwanda in 2018, and now serves as a physician at Hôpital la Croix du Sud.  Dr. Iradukunda has an interest in community empowerment and women’s health promotion.  He was part of the development and implementation team of Family Planning Awareness and Education Project, working with 100 medical students, 80 nurses and 40 community health workers on the project.   This project won the Student Projects For Health competition sponsored by FAIMER and ECFMG, and was invited to present his findings at The Network: TUFH annual meeting and world summit on social accountability in Tunisia in 2017.  He has served the Student Network Organization (SNO) as the first national representative from Rwanda.

In addition to his responsibilities as a medical doctor, he is the head of a pediatric palliative department where he oversees treatment and support interventions needed to improve lives of children living with chronic diseases.